Peruvian Decaf



Higher Ground's Peruvian beans are grown at high elevations in the Apurimac River Valley in the central highlands of Peru - this exceptional altitude creates a coffee with a bright acidity. This exceptional decaf is characterized by its pleasant aroma and a full body, with a sweet finish to the cup. Our decaffeinated roasts are created using the 100% chemical-free Swiss-mountain water process.

Fair Trade certification enables the farmers who grow our coffees to keep their family-owned farms and benefit from economic and educational programs, while growing a great organic crop. Our coffees are also grown in the shade of the forest canopy—preserving ancient forests and natural habitat for innumerable species of plants and animals.

Higher Ground's Peruvian beans are grown in the Apurimac region, between 1300 and 1800 meters elevation, on very small family farms. This coffee, like all Higher Ground coffees, is grown with care under the shade of the forest canopy. The Peruvian beans in particular are grown alongside avocados, oranges, and other fruit trees. In this way, families of the CACVRA Coop have been able to diversify their crops and sell those goods in local markets. With higher incomes from Fair Trade sales, the co-op has been able to improve 

  • Education for families of Coop members
  • Available healthcare opportunities
  • The overall system of organic production—with high standards increasing investment in coffee quality


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