Higher Ground - 100% Organic, Fair Trade, and Shade Grown Coffee

Higher Ground is dedicated to providing the finest coffees the world has to offer, fresh, to everyone.  To ensure that farmers and the environment are protected in our search for the world’s best beans, we roast exclusively 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Shade Grown Coffees.  Every decision at Higher Ground is a reflection of our commitment to Sustainability, Quality and Principle.        



Sustainability - All of our coffees are 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Shade Grown.  We make the sustainable choice because it speaks to our commitment to quality coffee with a conscience.  Profits earned from Fair Trade Coffee ensure our growers are able to keep their family owned farms and benefit from economic and educational programs.  Every cup of Higher Ground is a vote for the rights of small-scale independent farmers who grow their coffee organically under the forest canopy.



At Higher Ground,we are constantly improving our process towards our goal of a completely sustainable business model.  In order to offset our daily energy usage, we purchase wind power credits through Renewable Choice Energy, which helps subsidize wind farms.  Higher Ground will continue to take a holistic approach in becoming an ever more sustainable business.



Quality - Higher Ground will always be the freshest and most flavorful coffee available.  At Higher Ground, we roast only Specialty grade coffee beans –the top 5% of the world’s harvest.  Moreover, we roast and ship to order, insuring a taste and freshness that is unsurpassed by anyone, anywhere!



Partnership - Our mission is to create positive relationships from the Farm to the Cup and beyond.  By establishing partnerships with Non-Profits such as The Black Warrior Riverkeeper and The Cahaba River Society Our customers are able to enjoy sustainable coffees from around the world while supporting the preservation of our wild areas close to home.



Thank you for choosing Higher Ground coffee, where we bring you BETTER BEANS BY FAIRER MEANS.

Enjoy the Difference!