Higher Ground's Colombian "Red Ecolsierra" or Ecological Producers of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, is a cooperative of 18 groups of 600 families farming on 900 small farms.  Their income was traditionally generated from coffee, but they gradually diversified into organic Honey and Cacao production as well.  Since they are so close to the natural reserves, and in order to live in harmony with their environment, Red Ecolsierra farmers always reserve a part of their farms for forestry. Our Colombian is sweet and rich, ever so pleasing to the palate. It is well balanced and medium bodied. The sensation is one that exudes a bright flavor.

Fair Trade certification enables the farmers who grow our coffees to keep their family-owned farms and benefit from economic and educational programs, while growing a great organic crop. Our coffees are also grown in the shade of the forest canopy—preserving ancient forests and natural habitat for innumerable species of plants and animals.

The Fair Trade alternative has allowed the farmers who grow Higher Ground coffee to make many improvements in their quality of life and quality of crop. Some of these improvements include: 

  • Allowing small family farms to keep their land and maintain organic coffee production.
  • Ecolsierra encourages members and their families to see the social and economic benefits of using modern production processes of organic products.  This generates sustainable income, which guarantees a better life for members.
  • Establishing a revolving fund for marketing and coffee processing—allowing the Coop to increasingly invest in quality agriculture and improve the coffee crop year after year.


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