Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition Blend



Higher Ground's blend for the Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition is a smooth blend of Central American coffees that is uncommonly sweet. This medium roasted and bodied coffee carries a rich taste with a hint of berries and a clean, subtle, dark chocolate finish. 

Fair Trade certification enables the farmers who grow our coffees to keep their family-owned farms and benefit from economic and educational programs, while growing a great organic crop. Our coffees are also grown in the shade of the forest canopy—preserving ancient forests and natural habitat for innumerable species of plants and animals.

American Hiking Society's first regionally focused program, the Southern Appalachians Initiative is working to build a conservation constituency among trail volunteers, conservation organizations, and agencies, in order to link up a 5,000 mile hiking trail network in the southeast. This effort will impact Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, southern Virginia, and Tennessee. This exciting project has spawned the Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition, and proceeds of this blend will work to protect natural hiking corridors and preservation of foot trails. For more information please visit

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